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2019 Q4

2019 Q4 Catapult Post- Launch
Desktop Wallet The desktop experience support for mosaics, multisignature transactions, harvesting, messaging, invoices, aggregate transactions, metadata, and other more advanced features.
Tokenomics & Migration Proposal Changes to transaction fees and other XEM requirements of the network as well as Migration procedures such as Opt-in/Opt-out for migration. Foundation contributed to proposal and proposal successfully passed POI vote.
New Branding Strategy The Branding Recommendation Proposal - Catapult Branding sent to the community for a POI vote.
Desktop wallet Feature Updates Built-in marketplace data, invoice management. The latest version of the Desktop Wallet (v0.8.9) has been released which auto-connect to the latest version of the test network. An early beta phase has been initiated for this project of which you can view the source code on Github
Block Explorer New commitments are made to the repository on Github
Pen Testing & Review started Pen testing and review of new blockchain Symbol began.