2019 Q2 - Dragon

2019 Q2 Catapult Pre-Test Codename: Dragon
NEM Developer Center (Catapult) The Catapult Developer Center contains tools and a knowledge base, including tutorials, documentation, and sample apps.
Catapult Software Development Kits, Round 1 The Javascript/Typescript and Java SDKs will be updated and 4 more SDKs will be released in alpha stages including PHP, Swift, Python, and Unity. These SDKs will be the core SDKs that will enable powerful apps to be built on Catapult.
NEM Catapult Testnet There will be a launch of a testnet on Cow and an upgrade to Dragon including an experimental wallet, faucet, and tutorial. Testnet Link: https://docs.nem.io/en/testnet
Hardware Wallet Compatibility Updates are made to integrate Catapult compatibility into Ledger and Trezor standards (though NEM cannot control when they enable service on the Ledger and Trezor side).
Block Explorer and Network Explorer Allows anyone to easily search transactions, accounts, blockchain history, node information, and network activity.