Download and Setup


The mobile Android version of the Nem wallet is downloadable for the mainnet and the testnet via the Play Store.

Install and Setup

Just a few seconds after clicking download from the Play store, the app should be installed. Open up the app and you will see a screen just like this:

First Screen App

Set a secure password for your Nem wallet, it is important to keep your account safe. Every time you open the app, it asks for your password, therefore you shouldn't forget it and make a backup of your password. After setting up a password, it will go to the home page of the app. That looks like this:

Accounts Panel

Click on 'Add Account', and a new page will pop up. You will have three options to choose from; those options are: 'Create', 'Scan QR' and 'Enter Key'. It will look like this:

Add Account We are going to choose ‘Create a New Account’ since there isn’t one yet. If you already have a Nem wallet on your computer and want to import that wallet, please use the 'Enter Key' option. So when we click on the 'Create' button it brings us to the following page:

Name Account As you can see it asks you to give a name to your account. You can have multiple accounts with their corresponding addresses and give each a unique name so you will not get confused which account is which. After naming your account, click on the 'Create' button. Your account will be created, and it will bring you to a page where all your accounts are listed, which looks like this:

Overview of Accounts