iPhone & Android Wallet


Today the NEM team announces the release of the Android wallet. Below is a tutorial and introduction. The iOS app has additionally been launched and can be found at the App Store.

NEM Wallet Video

The new apps work in conjunction with the recently released NanoWallet. The mobile app allows users to make and scan invoices, export their address book contact, or backup their wallet via QR. The Android app can serve to work reversely as both a merchant point-of-sale app or a user app. The new apps also work with the Owon's newly released paper wallet generator. To run it, unzip the folder and click on the Voucher+Paper_Wallet.exe file.

All private and important information is stored locally and never transmitted over the internet.

Explore The Mobile Nem Wallet

The NEM mobile wallet is safe, fast, and has easy to use advanced features. The app is well-designed and comes with a lot packed into a small package that is innovative and useful in the real world.