How to Send from Multisig Account

How to send XEM from a multi-signature Account

Now that you created a multi-signature account we need to use it, what better way than to send some XEM! So the signer1 account wants to spend some money from the multi-signature account, you can do this by clicking Send in the top panel and subsequently by clicking Multisig. From the signer1 account you can fill in the recipient, the amount and click Send, as illustrated in Figure 8.

However, as you can see in Figure 9, the Dashboard shows the unconfirmed transaction waiting for approval. Because we constructed the contract such that both signer1 and signer2 need to confirm the transaction we need to wait for signer2 to login to his account and confirm the transaction by cosigning it. Signer2 can do this by clicking on the Unconfirmed tab in his dashboard and then clicking on the transaction waiting for cosigning entering the password and clicking send.