Import NCC wallet into Nanowallet

This is a guide to exporting your wallet from NCC into Nano.

Step 1 1) Open your wallet in NCC. 2) Click on the down arrow next to the lock icon. 3) Select "Export for Lightwallet".

Step 2 1)Enter your password. 2) You will see a json file pushed to your browser.

Step 3 1) Open NanoWallet. 2) Select "Login". 3) Select "Import Wallet". 4) Upload the json file you just got from NCC.

Step 4 1) Choose the wallet in the drop-down menu. 2) You will receive a prompt to update the wallet from a json file to a wlt file. 3) Enter your password that you used to export from NCC.
4) Please be patient for a minute while your wallet is upgrading.

Step 5 1) After completing step 4, you will see a new wlt file pushed to your browser. 2) Save that file for a back-up! 3) You can just login to the account now in the drop down-menu with your regular password.